Do You Require a Private Transfer Taxi from Dublin Airport to Kilkenny?

 Booking a Taxi from Kilkenny to Dublin Airport or a Private Taxi to Co. Kilkenny?

We are one of the best options to choose when you need a private transfer and chauffeur service company to provide you with a taxi to Kilkenny.

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We are one of the best options to choose when you need a private transfer and chauffeur service company to provide you with a taxi to Kilkenny. Fill out the form, choose your vehicle, and pay. We will take care of your pickup, planning, and drop.

Booking an airport transfer or a point-to-point car rental online can save you time and avoid the mental paralysis caused by anxiety. Booking a taxi to Kilkenny can be a hassle.

So book your Dublin to County Kilkenny airport transfer or book your private transfer here!

County Kilkenny

As of 2016, Kilkenny had a population of 99,000. The county is located 129.1 kilometers from Dublin. Kilkenny is famous for its history. Just history. It is one of the oldest counties in Ireland, with historic sites dating back to the seventh century AD.

Kilkenny is also known as Marble County because of the Kilkenny Marble Quarries. Kilkenny’s reputation as a tourist destination is due to its setting and historic buildings such as Kilkenny Castle, St. Canis’ Cathedral and Round Tower, Rotter House, Shea Alms House, Black Abbey, and more.

Book a private driver from Kilkenny and visit these places with absolute bliss.

Dublin Airport Collection offers private chauffeur transfers as well as airport transfers to Kilkenny. You can book a private transfer from Dublin Airport to Kilkenny with as much luggage as you want.

You can also rent a car from anywhere in Kilkenny to go anywhere in Ireland. Fixed price. Various payment methods are available.

We Provide Airport Transfer Services to all Main Towns Within Kilkenny County

You can book an Airport transfer from Kilkenny Airport to anywhere in Ireland. With our private services, you can commute from Dublin Airport to Kilkenny, or from Kilkenny to Dublin Airport with utmost safety and comfort.

Our Range of Vehicles in Kilkenny

We can ensure to provide you with different taxi/transfer options to answer your needs:

  1. Book a Standard Car in Kilkenny: Toyota Avensis or similar: 4 Seats, 2 Check-in Luggage, 2 Hand-Luggage
  2. Book an Executive car (luxury) in Kilkenny: Mercedes Benz or Similar: 3 Seats, 3 Check-in Luggage
  3. Book a Standard minivan in Kilkenny: Volkswagen Transporter or similar: 8 Seats, 7 Check-in Luggage, 2 Hand-Luggage
  4. Book an Executive minivan in Kilkenny: Mercedes Benz Viano or similar: 7 Seats, 7 Check-in Luggage
  5. Book a Child-friendly taxi in Kilkenny (with baby seats, child seats, and/or booster seats): Volkswagen Transporter or similar: 4 Seats, 4 Check-in Luggage, 1 Hand-Luggage
  6. Book a People-Carrier car in Kilkenny: Ford Tourneo or similar: 4 Seats, 3 Check-in Luggage, 1 Hand-Luggage

Don’t Worry About Transportation from Kilkenny Airport to Hotel in Kilkenny County

Our knowledgeable drivers welcome you with a professional Meet and Greet. With their good grasp of all the remote and obvious places and their respective routes in Ireland, our drivers can take you to any hotel in Kilkenny.

We Offer Affordable Charges on All Vehicles

We’re leading in Taxi transfer service in Dublin, Ireland. We always strive to provide the best affordable fares to all of our customers, so you can easily be traveling everywhere in Ireland from Dublin Airport and vice versa.

Here are some of the best fares we charged!

  1. Standard Car.          € 2.50 / KM
  2. People Carrier.        € 2.50 / KM
  3. Child Seat.                € 2.50 / KM
  4. Minivan 5 Seats.     € 3.00 / KM
  5. Minivan 7  Seats.    € 3.10 / KM
  6. Executive 3 Seats.   € 3.50 / KM
  7. Executive 7 Seats.   € 3.60 / KM
Complete List of Fares


We Are Simply Everywhere! It’s Our Promise!

Don’t see your desired town here? Worry not! We would surely provide you with a transfer to take you there too! Just email us or let us know where you are heading to in Ireland.